Welcome to ClickPoints...

A New WebApp That Connects and Engages Members in a Variety of Activities to Benefit an Individual, a Family or a Cause!

Social Network

ClickPoints exclusive social portal allows members to connect, chat, share, like, blog and engage in a variety of Pay-it-Forward activities to support a common cause.

Points & Rewards

ClickPoints reward system allows you to earn valuable Points when you interact on the website. When a you clicks, shares, chats, posts or shops, they earn digital points.

Pier-to-Pier linkup

 ClickPoints  Pier-to-Pier Link-up allows members to connect with an individual,family or organization they want to support.


ClickPoints WebApp allows users to Pay-it-Forward by transferring Points to others. The recipient reciprocates and can Pay-it-Forward to someone else.

The overall objective is to engage and reward millions of members all participating in, and benefiting from, the Universal Law of Reciprocity - what goes around, comes around!